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database consulting

Databases are the backbones of the internet and of many business operations. So why not combine them both into one seamless system? Databases are powerful tools, but they don't have to be complicated. In fact, a well-built database will simplify your life; you'll wonder how you ever functioned without one!

The Lazarus Group can reform almost any data format into a functional database, or even combine your information resources, making information easier to find for you and your staff. Those five excel files, two Word documents and that Access database (that was started and never finished) can all be used to create one information database. We know Access. We know MySQL. And we can automate reports that communicate the information you need, when you need it.

A few examples of database magic include:

  • Searchable content
  • Secure website areas with login and password access
  • Tracking capablilites, for example: of attendance, sales, donations or even your website's traffic statistics
  • Maintain up-to-the-minute product inventory
  • Allow members or clients to create and update online profiles
  • Log thousands of articles, images or meeting minutes, and make these resources available to your audience 24/7

IT consulting

The Lazarus Group has years of experience creating customized technology solutions for a wide range of businesses. We can help you assess your office environment to find the right solution for you, while balancing functionality and budget needs.

Our areas of excellence include:

  • database management
  • system back up
  • selecting the right computer
  • serving as your personal IT department

custom software

The Lazarus Group has written a variety of niche-specific, nationally released software programs. We can do anything, from the design and implementation of the proprietary systems used to connect your website to existing backend databases, to providing complete IT support for any business - no matter how large or small. We are not tied to any one programming language. Instead, we will use the one that is best for your specific project.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can solve your problems and meet your most demanding software needs.

phone systems

Bizfon is an easy-to-use phone system with the all of the features that a small business needs at an affordable price! A complete phone system is available for less than $2,500.

We use it. We know it.
We recommend it.

Standard Specifications

  • Connects up to 6 external phone lines and 8 extensions, expandable in multiples of 6 lines and 8 extensions up to a 24x32 configuration.
  • Full set of PBX/key system features (Hybrid System)
  • Built-in voice mail with private mailboxes for all extensions. An optional voice vault card is available for additional virtual mailboxes and additional voice mail time.
  • Automated attendant answers multiple calls at one time.
  • Transfers calls to any extension and forwards calls to any phone, in or out of the office.
  • Bizfon automatically creates extension number directory of all users.
  • The Bizfon works with conventional analog telephones instead of proprietary digital phones.
  • Music on hold
  • Bizfon comes with voice prompts to assist you in accessing all features and gives immediate access to Customer Care by dialing extension 299.
  • Multi-Tenant features are also available. This allows 1 Bizfon 680 to handle up to 3 tenants each with their own Auto Attendant.

art promotion

You've created a masterpiece...but now what? Whether this is your first or hundredth opening, or your first or hundredth publication, The Lazarus Group will help you access the audience you deserve!

  • Websites: We'll build an online showcase for your work, with respect for your artistic vision and your personal style. If you have work for sale, make it easily available online!
  • Promotional emails: We'll work with you to create promotional emails that feature your work and communicate the functional details.
  • Museum Quality Reproductions: Do you have a beautiful piece that you should sell, but are not quite ready to part with? How about sharing the love? The Lazarus Group can create museum quality prints of your originals.


From website images to fine art photography, we have taken the photo and, if we might say so ourselves, done a damn good job. With two professional photographers on staff we can not only document your goods, but capture the very fiber of its essence. Just give us a shot!

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