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Pick a Type of Paper

Our wide selection of paper assures that we can create prints that match the feel and texture of your original art. Our staff is available to explain the different types of paper and help you choose the one that is best for your print.

Lexjet Direct 10 Mil Photo Gloss:

LexJet Direct 10 Mil Photo Gloss Paper is engineered with the traditional photographer in mind. The gloss level of this bright-white, opaque paper offers the perfect finish for all standard photographic needs.

Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl:

Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper is named for it's pearl-like surface sheen. It features instant dry (microceramic) technology and superb photographic quality and consistency. Its heavy weight gives it the look and feel of a traditional photograph.

Epson Enhanced Matte:

Epson's Enhanced Matte paper is the optimum flat photographic platform. Its heavy weight stock delivers true photographic feel for roll paper printing. Its high color gamut yields remarkable color reproduction and the bright-white base accentuates highlights. Its enhanced 1440 dpi printing provides high-quality output. It dries instantly with Epson inks, for easy handling.

Epson Watercolor Paper:

Epson's Watercolor Paper features a textured, matte, radiant-white surface for vivid color reproduction, with a different look from resin coated photo papers. It allows rich black saturation, for prints with exceptional contrast. Its enhanced 1440 dpi printing provides high-quality output. It dries instantly with Epson inks, for easy handling.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag:

This smooth, natural-white, 100 percent rag-based paper is specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers or artists using digital photographic output. While some papers are chosen due to surface characteristics, Photo Rag is popular because it intrudes the least. The coated side of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance. Common applications include: Photographic and fine art reproduction, business cards, greeting cards, certificates and bookmaking. It is also ideal for computer generated artwork.

Hahnemuhle TORCHON:

Hahnemuhle TORCHON is our finest media for art reproduction. This 285g paper has been specially coated to offer excellent image sharpness and optimal color gradation. Its rough texture gives it a robust feel, like parchment. And it offers the aesthetic quality of traditional Fine Art papers. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance.

Universal Photo Canvas Matte:

LexJet Direct's cotton canvas with a matte finish represents the latest in ink jet coating technology. It accepts pigment UV inks and is the answer for any customer requiring a long-lasting indoor image. It's the perfect solution for artist reproduction prints requiring increased fade resistance. This material can be stretched, mounted, sewn or finished with grommets. This canvas solution represents a new price point for artists and photographers alike.

Lexjet Instant Dry Satin Canvas:

Lexjet Instant Dry Satin Canvas features the highest possible resolution canvas coating for outstanding reproductions. It has a medium gloss surface for easy spraying, and a unique texture for a truly artistic look. It is a heavy weight paper, for a quality feel and is stretchable for framing. Made of 100 percent acid free cotton, it is ideal for archival works.

Lexjet ThriftyBanner:

Don't be misled by the name ThriftyBanner. Advancements in the throughput of coating have allowed LexJet Direct to offer this high-quality 15-mil, tear-resistant, scrim vinyl material at an affordable price. It has a waterproof matte coating and is comprised of a tear-resistant polyester fabric embedded between two layers of white vinyl. ThriftyBanner is an excellent, cost-friendly solution for your high quality, weather-resistant print needs.

Backlit Vinyl:

Do you want a backlit sign? LexJet Direct's AquaLight Backlit Film is perfect for temporary outdoor signage and long-lasting indoor signage. It's a 7-mil, matte finish, backlit film that is printable on either the front or back. This media features a water-resistant, inkjet receptive coating that works beautifully with piezo and thermal inkjet printer platforms. It is also water-resistant, using dye-based and pigment-based inks. AquaLight is the perfect solution for backlit applications requiring increased durability.

FlagTex Fabric:

LexJet Direct's FlagTex Fabric is a knitted, rip-proof, outdoor textile made of 100 percent polyester. It is designed for outdoor applications in conjunction with pigmented inks. It's outdoor durable for up to three months with no finishing and is ideal for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • banners
  • flags
  • signs
  • exhibits / convention booths
  • shop decorations
  • window displays
  • curtains


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