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March, 2006 (vol. 2, issue 3)


Hot Bird Talk, Volume 2, Issue 3

We were discussing the old wives tale: "If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb." With March coming in like a cat sunning itself in the sun, what is it going out like? Any thoughts, let us know!

The last Saturday in March is the next Scott Fitness art party! If you didn't make the January party, check out these photos. We had a great time! We are very excited that Carlos is one of the featured artists this month.

When: Saturday March 25, 2006
Where: Scott Fitness River Market, 200 Wyandotte
Time: 7pm to Midnight
Beer, Wine, Food and Music by the Plaza Noise Ensemble and the sexy DJ SarahPlease.

TOMBOY design studio

Our latest online endeavor,, was a pleasure to work on. Featuring cutting-edge apparel from Kansas City's own designers, the site puts you on the pulse of local textile design. Check it for announcements about TOMBOY design studio's regular receptions and mini-fashion shows, each featuring unique, local designers.

From TOMBOY design studio opened in the Crossroads art district of Kansas City, MO, in April 2003. The boutique offers locally designed, sweatshop-free apparel and accessories.

The TOMBOY line can be bought off-the-rack or made-to-order in any size. In addition, clients may commission custom designed apparel. From couture gowns to blue jeans, garments are designed & constructed at the boutique.

TOMBOY design studio regularly features some of Kansas City's most talented textile artists and independent designers during the Crossroads First Friday's event.

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Introducing...Sarah and Michael

Introducing, our go-to office gal, Sarah Carpenter. Sarah is a Leo and 100 percent KC, through and through. She attended Shawnee Mission East before heading off to the College of Santa Fe to study Poly Sci. When she's not filing or balancing the corporate accounts, she's strumming away on her guit-fiddle as a Rural Grit recording artist. So, if you get a call from Sarah, pay up! And if you want to know where you can hear her play, don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

Michael Brake rounds out our print department. A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Michael is an accomplished artist in photography, mixed media and sculpture. He's had shows in KC and Chicago, and does double-duty as a graphic designer with the Kansas City Star.

Vocabulary FYI:

Guitfiddle (n.)(slang) - a modern, pop-culture term used to describe a guitar. Particularly used by one who is influenced by indie-rock or other similar styles.

Speaking of:

The modern word 'guitar' was adopted into English from Spanish, possibly from the earlier Greek word 'kithara'. The earliest guitar-like instruments played (and which archaeologists have found) are from Babylon, and consist of only a few strings. What most of us would recognize as a guitar today, was created in Spain - the home of the classical guitar.

Unlike most musical instruments, guitars are produced in both right and left-handed models. Many left-handed players learn to play on right-handed instruments by flipping the guitar upside down and using different chord fingerings. This causes them to play certain notes with their thumb. Some lefties, like Jimi Hendrix, have even re-strung a right-handed guitar to serve as a left-handed one.

Open Season for Political Campaigns

What do you get when you mix two parts bi-partisan political expertise, one part precision online functionality and a twist of impeccable design sense? - The Lazarus Group's new VoteSmart online campaign packages!

Filing for state and local office opened in Missouri last Tuesday. And this year, multiple Missouri and Kansas candidates are entering election season better-prepared than ever - thanks to 25-plus years of Lazarus Group political and technological know-how.

Howard Dean showed us that the campaign strategies of the past are just that - old fashioned. New technology tools and strategies will play a decisive role in all future campaigns.

The Lazarus Group and its staff serve a who's-who client list of Democratic, Republican and Independent candidates and issues. We hunt with the big boys, because we offer one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes experience.

Combined, Lazarus and Will have served in leadership roles in four presidential campaigns, five statewide candidate campaigns and five statewide issue campaigns - not to mention numerous regional and local campaigns.

From database development, to press interface, to volunteer management, to fundraising, The Lazarus Group offers candidates unparalleled access to state-of-the-art strategies and techniques.

If you are thinking about running for public office; if you have a friend who doesn't know where to start; or if there is an issue you feel needs to be placed before voters, the Lazarus Group is your one-stop shop for political tools and strategy.

Announcement: New Printing Hours

Starting March 15th, The Lazarus Group's printing prices will have some new flair. We have not changed the structure or pricing since 2002, and it seemed time to give this a looksie. Our new price guide has been designed to be easier to understand and use.

A Few of the New Twists:

Cropping/Packaging Included: As opposed to the cropping & packaging fees that we have become so accustomed to, cropping fees of old will be included in the print fee.

Border Included: Images printed on paper will still have the standard half-inch boarder, but now at no additional cost. The same goes for images printed on canvas - but they will automatically include an inch and a half border.

Help!: Some images walk through the door ready to go and others would love a little guidance. Time is money - image consultation with our print experts will be $50 for every half hour of assistance.

Rush Orders: We understand that procrastination keeps this world spinnin', so rush orders are accepted - but there will be a 20 percent price increase if same day service is required. Next day service will include a 10 to 20 percent price increase, depending on job requirements. Remember that you can always upload your files via our website. Check out the top right corner of each page on our site and you will see a floppy disk. Just click the floppy and begin the steps to upload a file!

Now Open Saturdays: To make our printing services more accessible, we have opened our printing doors from 11am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Go See Some Art!

We've included a couple of Carlos' images. Please mark your calendar for his art show at Scott Fitness.

below, left: AAARGH!; below, right: Wishin'; both by Carlos Ramon

AAARGH!, by Carlos Ramon Wishin' by Carlos Ramon
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