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February 1st, 2006 (vol. 2, issue 2)


The Main Street Corridor Development Corporation (MainCor) is a not-for-profit corporation that encourages economic development along the Main Street Corridor (from The Plaza to Crown Center). MainCor offers support and technical assistance to the corporations, small businesses, institutions, adjacent neighborhood associations and various city agencies within the Corridor, in order to make it a safe, clean, inviting place for people to visit, shop and live.

The Lazarus Group has been happy to have MainCor as a client for about three years now, and was ecstatic to attend their 25th Anniversary Dinner this January. The event featured the unveiling of MainCor's newly made-over website. features upcoming news, events and some historical background (including some really cool images), in addition to providing a convenient communication point between members, the community and city officials.

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It Must Be the Water...

Introducing (2 of 4) New Employees

In order to keep up with the growing demands of all our great clients, the Lazarus Group is excited to introduce four new members of our cabal. But rather than overwhelming you with all the new names, we figured we'd go easy on you: introducing Andre and Carlos this month (and Michael and Sarah next month).

So, let's get to mingling...

If you ever drop by The Lazarus Group to be greeted by a lanky individual with a serious 5 o'clock shadow and dark rings beneath his eyes - you've just met our new programmer, Andre Kadibelban, following one of his programming all-nighters. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Andre is the man who takes your ideas from the scratchpad and makes them function behind all the good looks Kelsey can throw at you (online that is). Fluent in PHP, MysQL, Linux, Java Script, Andre joins us fresh from ESC Index, a hosted software development provider. If precision functionality designed for the fast lane of the online autobahn is what you need, Andre is your man.

The new man at the counter in our print division is Carlos Ramon. A graduate of Park University in graphic design, Carlos is director of our archival and fine art reproduction division. He offers Lazarus Group clients extensive hands-on experience with a full range of graphic design tools from Quark to PhotoShop, Illustrator and the entire Adobe Design Suite. As a freelance designer, he has worked with industry leaders like Bernstein Rein and McDonalds. In addition, Carlos is an accomplished digital artist, allowing The Lazarus Group's clientele a convenient source for original illustration and animé design. Carlos also helps The Lazarus Group maintain our bi-lingual services...Si!

Stop Guessing - Let Science Improve Your Website

Want to know how many people visit your site every week? What pages they viewed? How they find you, or why they seldom click your 'buy now' button?

Every Lazarus Group website comes equipped with a powerful tool - weekly Urchin reports*. Urchin reports provide valuable insight into how visitors find you, what search engines and keywords they use, what pages they view, how long they stay, and what they look at.

Example: You already know not enough people order your product. You might change some copy, or make the products page layout more graphically eye-catching. But what if you found out that visitors never even landed on the page where 'buy now' is? With this information, you can move 'buy now' to a page with much more traffic.

Just a Few of the Reports Generated by Urchin:

  • Traffic Reports: how many people visit your site, what pages they visit and how long they stay on each page.
  • Entrance Page Reports: measure the success of your optimization - what pages are turning up on search engines, and which pages customers find important enough to bookmark.
  • Referral Page Reports: can guide you in purchasing your PPC (pay per click) advertising.

* note: Urchin is available only to websites hosted on The Lazarus Group servers.

Vocabulary FYI:

Packet Sniffers (also known as Network Analyzers) are software programs - although sometimes may include computer hardware - used to intercept and log traffic on all or part of a network. A packet is a fundamental unit of information that may be transported. The term Packet Sniffers encompasses both network analyzers that are used in constructive ways, for example to improve traffic through your website, or those implemented with malicious intent. Packet sniffers can:

  • Collect statistics on the amount of traffic (number of messages) from, say, a contact form, detecting the need for more bandwidth or a better method.
  • Analyze network problems.
  • Filter suspect content from network traffic.
  • Detect network intrusion attempts.
  • Spy on other network users in order to steal sensitive information.

Seven Great Things About Global Warming:

  1. Will be able to get really cheap tickets to Vail, for the new and exciting sport of mud skiing.
  2. Kansas City's tax base will increase dramatically due to mass migrations from the coasts fleeing the increase in more inclement weather.
  3. We could leave our lemon tree and other tropical plants outside for "Winter".
  4. The Art Institute will find a great increase in art supplies by using everyone's ice scrapers as sculpture.
  5. No more salty roads!
  6. Two Words: Baywatch, Kansas.
  7. If the ice caps melt just right, KC could have a true riverfront downtown.

Speaking of:

The Lazarus Group is on goal to recycle more than seven tons (that would normally go into a landfill) this year.

If you'd like to know more about the facts of global warming, Real Climate is a site written by climate scientists for ordinary folks like us. If you'd like to know what little old you can do about global warming, the Union of Concerned Scientists offers some advice.

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