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January 1st, 2006 (vol. 2, issue 1)


Hot Bird Talk, Volume 2, Issue 1

Happy New Year

Ooh-six promises to be a very interesting time and I think we all remember that ancient Chinese proverb.

First, The man behind our printers, Jon Bidwell, is moving on from our happy office. Don't be sad, he is off to peruse his art full time (all available 24/7 at!). We know he is going to do great!

Who is going to run the magick art machines?

Enter The Carlos.

We are tickled pink to welcome Carlos Ramon to The Lazarus Group. Carlos is a graduate of Park University's Graphic Design program and an accomplished artist. JB has been training him to print just the way you like it and he has a deft touch in Photoshop. You can view a taste of his artistic style by clicking here.

Second, Andre Kadibelban is joining our programming staff. Andre has an impressive list of web-hosted applications under his belt and he is as excited to be here as we are to have him.

We will share more of Carlos, and Andre's background in future Hot Birds.

Mark your calendars! Scott Fitness is having another Art Party this month. January 28th from 7pm to midnight. This time around features an entire slew of artists, including our own Jen M and Jon Bidwell. If you have not yet made it down to one of these parties, you should make this your resolution. (Frankly, those 5 pounds look great on you)

Everyone here at The Lazarus Group wishes you and yours the best possible 2006, may all your dreams be realized.

AMF Ice Chateau

A hot chocolate and reruns of When Harry Met Sally, toes a-tappin' to Satchmo's Winter Wonderland. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of grabbing my gal and heading out for a little ice skating.

And it just so happens, we know a great place!

AMF Ice in the heart of Overland Park has offered on-ice fun to an entire generation of Kansas City teens. Formerly known as King Louie, AMF is a great place to learn to skate, have a one-of-a-kind birthday party or take in all the excitement of a high school hockey game.

Todd Ashe and his staff at AMF Ice Chateau have a world of on-ice activities for the whole family. You can sign up online, or check the open session times. But watch out for the Zamboni!


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New Year's Decrees:

  • Eat fewer cookies. (Just after I finish up those holiday ones on the counter)
  • Take down that 2003 gala invitation from our site.
  • Decide on that digital camera I've been debating for six months. (Guilty!)
  • Spend less time at the pub - and try a new pub. (No comment.)
  • Start branding with the cool new logo we've had in the drawer for two months. (Seriously, give us a call!)
  • Come visit your friendly web creators/graphic designers/large format printers! We'd love to see your face at The Lazarus Group, and are happy to share an espresso or whatever's in the fridge. (I'd go for the espresso if I were you!)
  • Cheers to a successful, healthy and happy new year!

New Thinking from Trusted Allies

Most of you know The Lazarus Group as, simply, one of the best web design firms in the region - and yes, we certainly are that! But we would like to remind you that web design is only a portion of the services we provide:

Print Design and Layout - Impeccable design taste is hard to come by - be it a corporate report, a direct mail piece, a brochure, newsletters, posters, postcards, banners, etc. We can work along side your design firm or (if you are frustrated with all the cooks crowding up your kitchen) why not streamline the process? Do a little one-stop-shopping at The Lazarus Group.

Branding - The Lazarus Group has delivered some of the most eye-catching logo work around. Whether you are a new company or an established business, The Lazarus Group can help you set criteria, develop strategies and deliver an unforgettable identity. From logo to entire identity packages, the Lazarus Group continues to deliver flawless design.

Consulting: Strategy & Marketing - The Lazarus Group offers over 20 years of experience in working with clients to develop and refine their message, identify appropriate target audiences and model and implement strategies for delivering precision communications to your desired audience. From statewide issue advocacy to advertising campaigns, The Lazarus Group offers real-world experience to help you get your message out.

Just remember, the marketplace is not what it used to be. You and your company will need to think smarter if you are to succeed. Why not see what The Lazarus Group can offer you in 2006?

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