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November 1st, 2005 (vol. 1, issue 8)


Hot Bird Talk, Issue 8

Welcome to the eighth issue of Hot Bird Talk, the Lazarus Group's monthly newsletter.

Ah, there anything better to drink in front of the fireplace than a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate - after an awesome snowball fight with your friends? Stay tuned! We have the secret recipe of the Aztecs at the end of this newsletter.

But first! We welcome Annedore's Fine Chocolates to the Lazarus Group, learn to protect your inbox, search Google in a new way, and much more.

Hit the cd player, pour yourself a cup-o-joe, and you will be asking yourself that mystic question of the ages... "Where is the cheese, Gromit?"

Annedore's Fine Chocolates and Coffees

Chocolate. Need we say more? Hmmm...

Annedore's makes each of their more than 30 truffles, crémes and caramels by hand. In fact, Annedore's is known for producing chocolate with a certain artistry. Uniquely Annedore's - a line of chocolate items such as chocolate-shaped cell phones, T.V. remotes, cats, and more - surely qualifies as edible art. And their Plaza Lights™ Gift Set - five solid chocolate Plaza Lights - is certainly uniquely Kansas City.

We are proud to have made Annedore's delectable collections available for purchase online. So proud, in fact, that we had Annedore's turn our own logo into a milk chocolaty treat. Mmmmm. How sweet is that? >>

Banners, Signs & Posters, Oh My!

Need an eye-catching banner for your next corporate event? The Lazarus Group can produce ENORMOUS, full-color signs and corporate graphics with amazing detail on our weather-resistant vinyl banner material! These photographic-quality banners resist wind, rain and sun and literally EXPLODE with colors sure to attract clients near and far! Whether you're exhibiting a new product at a trade show or competing in a corporate softball game, we can produce the banner for you - at any size!

A MASSIVE 3-by-8-foot, photo-quality banner costs only $169. Need something larger? We can do it! Need a smaller 2-by-five-foot banner? That's only $78! Name your custom size, we can give you the results you're looking for. Our award-winning vinyl banner material by Lexjet is durable and strong. And these signs can be used again and again, to make your dollar go even further! Come in today and experience the fast turnaround time, competitive pricing and BEAUTIFUL output that Lazarus Group banners, signs and posters can provide!

Show Us Your Big Money!

Nothing leaves an amazing impression at your next charity donation or corporate ball like handing your beneficiary a BIG company check as the cameras pop and handshakes are exchanged! The Lazarus Group can make a high-resolution scan of your company check and reproduce it at an impressive 4-FOOT-size for less than $63! A 3-FOOT-wide check can be made for less than $31! So, the next time you need to show the world how big your company's heart is, stop by The Lazarus Group - where printing big money is always affordable!

Our Big Money:

Warm up! The Lazarus Group's Aztec Hot Chocolate


In a double boiler over low heat, combine chocolate and ¼ cup water until melted, stirring occasionally; stir until smooth. Remove top of double boiler pan. Whisk in three tablespoons hot water. Pour evenly into four mugs, fill ¾ cup hot milk into each mug.

Case Study #05010:

The Problem: A start-up retail company - featuring high-end clothes made from custom exotic fibers - retained a "top drawer" marketing firm to brand and provide an e-commerce website. With bills totaling tens-of-thousands of dollars, they still didn't have a functioning website. They asked The Lazarus Group to help.

The Lazarus Group Solution: The Lazarus Group applies two principles to each and every job:

  1. Perform like a rock star, and
  2. Look good while doing it!

If you want to attract top-drawer customers - the kind willing to pay for quality and style - you need to look fashion-mag professional.

We set to work to develop a world-class design integrating high-end photography and intuitive layout to harness viewing tendencies and reinforce purchasing impulses (for fun we even threw in old Fibonacci's "The Divine Proportion" - come on, you've read the Da Vinci Code...).

Next, we developed custom e-commerce functionality capable of managing hundreds of categories cross referenced with multiple sub classifications (size, color, shipping and handling, etc.). The system allowed for seasonal updates where most products were replaced by new inventory. Yet, when selling custom exotic fibers, one doesn't just jettison unsold inventory - so, we allowed for discontinued products to be re-classified as sale items.

Finally, to support each seasonal offering, we help deliver an e-catalogue to tens-of-thousands of valued customers. Oh yeah - we also created it in four languages.

The Result: This once-little company now offers over 900 items online each year and sends out hundreds-of-thousands of proactive e-catalogues and sale notices annually. Online inventory management has generated a direct and significant Return On Investment (ROI). With a website that processes over 20% of its $60 million in annual revenue, this client is still a satisfied Lazarus Group customer after six years.

Email Virus Protection:

We all have had a day where we receive, literately, hundreds of emails from one account. There is some evil virus on someone's computer that just will not stop sending us the email. We just want it to stop. Well, before you tear your hair out, if you are using us as your email provider you have a solution.

On any page of our website - including this one - there is a little key at the top right of the page. After clicking the key you will see a link that reads: "Login to your anti-virus/spam control panel >". Click this and log in with your user name and password. You will probably have to register first as only a few of our clients have used this feature.

Once you step through the registration process, log in and you have a choice of options. One of these is called Blacklist. If you enter the email address that the offending email is coming from in this field, you will never get email from that address again.

There are many other functions available to you with our Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus software. So why don't you log in and look around. We are always a phone call away if you have any questions.

Upcoming: Scott Fitness Art Party

  • 7pm till Midnight
  • November 19th, 2005
  • 200 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Food (by Elements Catering), Beer, Wine and more!
  • Featuring: the graffiti of Cesar. If you have been in the River Market location you have seen his amazing work on the walls. This month he shows us more!

Top Five: Reasons to Update Your Site

Think of the sites you visit most often and's not for the same news story month in and month out. Navigation and resources should be consistent, but it's important to keep your website dynamic! Here are five reasons why:

  1. Ensure Return Business: Companies that regularly update their site with fresh content and information let their clients know that they are invested in providing them with the latest information and product releases.
  2. Improve Your Search Engine Results: With regards to placement, one of the measuring sticks used by Google and other search engines is how recently your website has been updated.
  3. Be Approachable: Help new and current clients feel more at ease initiating a working relationship. Humans like working in familiar territory - your website can introduce newbies to your business - and even introduce the helpful new face on your crew.
  4. Look Your Best: Because your company grows and changes! Like a fresh coat of paint in your office, small but frequent site updates show your clients that you are invested in looking the best you can! Show that you care enough to make even the smallest changes on a regular basis.

Keep the monkeys from getting bored at The Lazarus Group. Call us with your site updates, today. (Really, we're waiting to hear from YOU.)

Google Tricks

Hungry? Didn't make it to the store on the way home? Here is a fun idea that will at least give you something to do, even if you don't get dinner. Use the power of Google to find something for dinner.


  1. computer with internet connection
  2. notepad
  3. pen

Take the notepad and pen into your kitchen, open the door to the fridge and jot down a few of the items in there. (We all know we can't remember what is in the fridge 13 seconds after we shut the door.) Pop into your pantry and see if you have any canned goods, pasta, anything. (No, you don't need to write down the tin of cupcake wrappers. Did these come with the house? I don't remember buying them.) Take that only lonely beverage you found and head for the computer.

Go to Google and type "recipe" followed by the stuff you found in the fridge, for example: recipe, eggs, cheese, onions, pasta, butter, and hit search...over 2.4 million hits! You might have to click on a few, but for me, number four was a great breakfasty-style dish with all my ingredients.

If you find anything really awe inspiring, send it to me at If your all good, next month I will share the best Sangria recipe, ever!

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