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July 1st, 2005 (vol. 1, issue 4)


Hot Bird Talk, Issue 4

Even Hot Bird is thinking about moving North as the summer of 2005 opens full-bloom in our fair city. Enjoying art is a great way to stay cool (hmm...air-conditioned art) - and the first exhibit is on your computer!

Smithsonian Magazine has selected Jon Bidwell's photography for honorable mention (out of over 27,000 submissions) in its 2nd annual photo contest.

Jen Mellard is joining the 39th Street Art Walk from 6pm to 9pm, Friday, July 15th at Room 39. She will be exposing us to her European architecture and flowers "At Long Last."

Scott Fitness is having another one of our famous art parties from 7pm to midnight, Saturday, July 30th. Everyone is welcome.

As always, we are here to question your answers, 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday.

American World Forwarders, Inc.

American World Forwarders, Inc. (AMNW) was ready for a makeover. President, Megan Thornberry, wanted to create more focus on the company's pioneering international moving capabilities, while maintaining its solid, 40-year reputation of experience and stability. She had some images of globes that she liked and preferred the color blue...but other than that, she wasn't sure where to start.

The most critical component of any branding effort is the logo. It goes on everything! It has to be easy to print and recognizable, in addition to conveying personality and purpose. AMNW's new logo highlights its international focus and conveys the strong working relationships that the company prides itself on.

Next, we dug-in on creating a branding package that was both functional and attractive, clean and direct. We created business cards, letterhead, and envelope return labels - you name it. We even designed email letterhead!

For the website, we helped AMNW find an easy-to-remember domain name:, and re-designed the site around its new logo. The site features shipment tracking instructions and survey resources that make life easier for both AMNW's clients and staff. Finally, we dressed the site up with photos that AMNW felt conveyed its capabilities as an international moving company.

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Transforming Websites Into Productive Staff Members

You are in line at the coffee shop, on the floor is a stack of newspapers. It reminds you - you still owe $300 for this week's barely-a-business-card-sized ad, buried (along with hundreds of others) between those pages heaped on the floor. As you watch, the barrista tosses the pile in the trash. It's a scene repeated weekly at every coffee shop, retail outlet and street-corner newspaper box across the city - your hard-earned advertising dollars headed for the recycling dumpster.

Maybe you've also invested hard-earned money in a dyn-o-mite website, but now, it just sits there. Where are the visitors? How do you draw them? How do they find you?

What if you could pay only for advertising that was read?

Even better, what if you paid only for advertising that worked?

You can.

No matter what size your budget ($3 or $300 or $3,000), there are new web tools to help make sure your online ads aren't lost in the crowd, meanwhile transforming your website into a traffic-generating member of your staff. These tools allow you to target ads by demographic, by region, by keywords. While hundreds, even thousands of potential customers see online ads, you only pay for those who actually visit your website.

Both major search engines (Google and Overture) offer online advertising. And we've had great results both for ourselves and for our clients. One client who asked us to manage its online advertising landed, a big, new account within 90 days (and by big we mean HUUUGE!). Ultimately, they asked us to suspend the campaign because they couldn't hire enough staff quickly enough to handle all the new leads!

There are some tricks to online advertising, but the results can be truly impressive. We'll help you set an appropriate budget, create productive copy and target ads to a receptive audience. Since you aren't paying for all that waste, online advertising is affordable for any budget.

If you're tired of throwing your advertising budget away, let The Lazarus Group work with you to create an online advertising campaign. We'll make sure that you get the most "bang" for your advertising dollar.

Hey! We Have Stickers Now!

We just expanded our marketing-giddy capabilities into the world of stickers. Want one? Want one of ours? Let us know >>


Vocabulary FYI: Phishing

Phishing (pronounced fishing - also known as spoofing) is an attempt to get you to give up important information - like passwords, usually via an email or instant message with a seemingly official or alarming subject. Phishing for your information...get it?

Think this technology-inspired word is new? The term has been "floating" around since 1996!

Don't forget JenM at Room 39!

Shoot Your Pictures at the Highest Resolution (Always!)

You know that feeling you get when you go to the barber and he cuts your hair too short? There's no going back! And unless you're into hair extensions, you're out of luck! The same is true with digital photographs.

Computer memory is inexpensive, and today's media cards come as large as 4 gigabytes, so there's no reason to shoot low res files unless you know you're only going to need the shots for the web or email. The basic policy is: the more data the better. A high-resolution file gives you the flexibility to crop and size an image as you wish and still have enough information to make a nice print. Your camera will be able to shoot and process a high-resolution jpeg just as quickly as a lower resolution file, thanks to its built in memory buffer. Translated: even performance won't be affected negatively by shooting at the highest resolution possible. You won't notice any difference at all except in the quality of your final image.

Lastly, you never know what kind of shot you're going to get! It might be the Pulitzer winning shot of a lifetime, or simply a very nice family portrait that you'd like to blow up a little larger than normal. Why take a chance on missing the ability to make a nice print afterwards? There's no reason. So always remember to shoot at the highest quality you can. At the end of the day, you'll be a much happier photographer.

Don't forget JenM at Room 39!


Honestly, it hasn't. This is a message generated by a virus, but it's not a virus. When you see [PMX:VIRUS] in the subject-line of an email, our server has removed the virus from your message.

Any time you recieve a message with an all-caps, fear-inspiring subject like: "YOUR PASSWORD HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY UPATED," be suspicious; 99.99999% of the time it's viral bait. No company in this day and age will send these kinds of emails to account holders. Too many viruses and phishing attacks use subject lines like these to trick us.

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of an email, our anti-virus and anti-spam software company has a great website with information on all the latest problem software. Or you can always call us...

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