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May 1st, 2005 (vol. 1, issue 2)


Hot Bird Talk, Issue 2!

This month we talk about two great programs that can make your computer time more pleasant. We also want to thank you, our clients, for your support and referrals. Word of mouth has always been the most effective way for us to grow. We would like to give something back when you tell your friends how wonderful we are. If you refer a new client that turns into a contract, we will give you a gift certificate for a free massage.

Another fun note: Memorial Day weekend marks another Scott Fitness Art Party. The Party will be from 7 p.m. to Midnight, Saturday, May 28, at Scott Fitness in the River Market, located at 200 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO. (Go to the Scott Fitness website >>)

The Lazarus Group's own Jon Bidwell will be presenting his flower photography. Mark your calendars!
Enjoy this issue of Hot Bird Talk. As always, if there is anything we can do to help, you know where to reach us.

Green City Designs

Green City Designs, Inc. is a small Kansas City based company that needed a nation-wide store front. Kate, the owner, approached The Lazarus Group looking for an online solution to highlight her products, in addition to ecommerce capabilities to back up her catalogue.

The Green City Designs, Inc. website offers a comprehensive profile of product options. The site details not only its wide variety of shed styles, but it also includes roofing materials, size options, colors of stain - even which way you would like the door to open! Online shoppers may choose whatever options suit their needs and budget, and may purchase whenever they are ready, without the worries of off-the-shelf inventory and product limitations. Since each shed is custom made upon order, Kate is able to save in overhead, store hours and staff compensation, as well as provide unbeatable personalized service.

Small businesses no longer have to look small and be hard to reach. Kate has had success in cities across the nation since her site launched in 1999. Sections such as the testimonial page, welcome message, and guarantee assure visitors they are looking at a quality product with a track record of great client satisfaction.

Find out more about Green City Designs, Inc., and their quality solutions for urban gardeners at

Not-for-Profits: In a League of Their Own

"The Lazarus Group understands non-profit needs, because they share our values."
- Clara Vaughn, The Main Street Corridor Redevelopment Corp

"The Lazarus Group offers affordable solutions to complex issues."
- Ray James, KC Election Board

Most people simply don't comprehend the unique dynamics of not-for-profit operations. The Lazarus Group does. We offer nearly a decade of hands-on experience working with not-for-profit institutions - of all sizes and missions - to meet their online needs.

And it isn't just about the money. Life is more than earning a buck. The Lazarus Group encourages its staff to share their skills with the causes and institutions they believe in. While every client receives individualized timely service, we feel strongly that those who serve our community deserve just a little something extra. Our non-profit clients receive not only top-drawer service, but also a 25% discount on our regular fees.

We do it for one reason - this is our home too: we attend these museums, our families receive health care from these providers and we live, work and shop along these streets. Our non-profit clients help make Kansas City a truly livable community.

Free Image Software Picasa TM 2 - Picture Simplicity

Ever catch yourself emailing 'round embarrassing pictures from last night's party or forwarding a cute photo of the kids to the grandparents? If so, you ought to check out Picasa, the latest software from the fine folks at Google. Picasa will help you locate, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. With so many of us using digital cameras, this can prove quite helpful.

Each time you open Picasa, it automatically finds all your pictures (even the ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into albums organized by date. It even provides folder names that you will recognize. Included, there are several helpful photo editing tools. For most of us, this is all the image software we need. Picasa is worth it for the photo emailing feature alone. Just select the image(s) you want, and Picasa will automatically resize them before emailing.

Go to the Picasa website >

Introducing Firefox: Why I do not use Internet Explorer.

Get Firefox!

It is time to stop using Internet Explorer. Firefox was developed by the non-profit foundation, Mozilla, and it rocks. Gone are the long waits for web pages to display. Once you download and install this new program onto your computer, you will be amazed at how fast your internet connection feels. Upon installing Firefox, all of your cookies and bookmarks are imported for you. Firefox blocks popup ads, spyware and phishing attacks that other browsers let you see. It also features tabbed browsing, which allows the browser to have multiple web pages open in the same window. Long gone are the days of ten or more browser windows open at the same time. I use Firefox everyday and right now its value over Internet Explorer is, frankly, spectacular.

Go to Mozilla's Firefox download page and start enjoying the internet again.

Advanced Tech Note for Southwestern Bell DSL Users

As a user of SBC DSL you must use SMTP.SBCGLOBAL.NET for your outgoing mail server. This can cause problems if you are trying to send large emails or a large number of emails. If you are hosting your email with The Lazarus Group, you can switch to our servers after performing the following steps.

  1. Log onto
  2. Answer the questions until you can choose "port 25 opt out"
  3. After completing the questions, turn off your computer and unplug your DSL modem for 5 minutes.
  4. Start everything back up and change your outgoing mail server to
816.931.5525 · FAX: 816.531.4464 ·