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The Lazarus Group is made up of real people, living in the real world, active in our community and thriving on carrots...not to mention coffee, wheat grass, anything chocolate and protein shakes. We enjoy what we do and it shows. It helps to work in a vibrant, cool and overall copasetic environment. Stop by anytime to introduce yourself and check out our office. (Need directions?)

LAZARUS POTTER – President / Founder / Programmer>
Laz has twenty-plus years experience with multiple computer platforms and related technologies. He is fluent in several programming languages including C, VB, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and MS applications.

Hailing from Berlin Germany, Andre is the man who takes your ideas from the scratchpad and makes them function. Fluent in PHP, MySQl, Linux, Java Script, he joins us fresh from ESC Index, a hosted software development provider. If precision functionality designed for the fast lane of the online autobahn is what you need, Andre is your man.

SCOTT PHELPS – “Front End Development / Design”>
Scott Phelps been a part of web design since it first surfaced in the early 1990s. His real expertise is in taking a Photoshop design and turning it into a working website utilizing semantic markup and a separation of design layers. (Don't understand that? Basically he makes your website more attractive to search engines and other web folks.) After a brief (if you call six years brief) period in luxury wine sales (his other passion) he moved back into the tech world. Conversant in both ‘geek’ and ‘normal’, Scott lives to convert the everyday person to the ways of the web. Need to understand how something works and not be overwhelmed? Just ask Scott.

LESLIE EMERSON – Graphic / Web Designer>
Leslie has an intense desire to change the world, one pixel at a time. New to the design world, but with an unbelievable knack for predicting upcoming trends online, she brings a fresh sense of color and imagery. Originally a student of Environmental Engineering, Leslie has an organizational and constructive mind, able to break out the most complex website into an easy to understand visual map. Ask Leslie about Ebay!

CARLOS RAMON – Artist / Fine Art Reproduction Manager>
A graduate of Park University in graphic design, Carlos is manager of our archival and fine art reproduction division. He offers The Lazarus Group clients extensive hands-on experience with a full range of graphic design tools including Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator and the entire Adobe Design Suite. As a free lance designer, he worked with industry leaders like Burnstein Rein and McDonald’s. In addition, Carlos is an accomplished digital artist, allowing our clientele convenient access for original illustration and anime design.

MICHAEL BRAKE – Artist / Fine Art Reproduction>
Michael Brake is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, a two-year associate of the Lazarus Group and a ten-year veteran of The Kansas City Star advertising department. Michael is well-versed in a wide range of graphic design programs and offers extensive color correction and design experience. He has a knack for judging our clients' needs as artists with regards to digital reproduction of their work, through his own unique perspective and goals as a visual artist. Michael enjoys leisurely hikes through the city's industrialized wastelands, absorbing visual information for his future artwork as well as the countless chemicals wafting about. And, he glows in the dark.

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